Zombie apocalypse

By Sumanth Naidu
Mar 01 2021 1 min read

How Many of you know covid 19 is just a biginin. So you actually believe  Chinese government had  developed covid strain in lab and released into the people. Not at all. Chinese soldiers, scientists and millions of people are dead. The mistake of Chinese is consuming and rapid decrease of wild animals . God gave animals some weoponary modifications which are ment for self diffence. Animals are free to some viruses and they are in symbiotic relationship with most of the bacteria and viruses. What happens if covid vaccine fails. Imagine 5.3 billion people getting vacciginated and due to failure of vaccine. Entire human population dies or turn into dangerous monstors  According to the mythical history. There has been a disease which created extinction of Egypt kingdom. A biblical plague has caused extinction of most ancient and developed civilization. The question is is covid 19 a second biblical plague. If it is. Then human race in this world will extinct for sure.

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