Zinnia found in space!!

By Payal Arun
May 14 2020 1 min read

Space explorations are taking place for so long but common people dont know much about the space missions and their work being done in the space. There are many missions going on by China,America ,India and Russia and many other countries like Japan and Germany . In subsequent time,  the citizens will get to know many explorations.  The fun and fact thing about the space is no one can think of growing plants and vegetables in space, but it is a fact that the first flower grown in Space station was zinnia. A very beautiful orange colored zinnia was blooming in 2016 in one of NASA space stations and probably tomatoes are also being grown on the moon!  Though these things are on very small basis but it gives a sense of  future that many possibilities are there in the space too.It needs lots of work though. As for people the view of growing life in the space is very mesmerizing!    

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