You, me,we

By Adventurous Procrastinators
Aug 05 2020 1 min read

And I have seen people turning against people. Parents killing their own child. Husbands plotting against wives .  Sons raping their mother.I don't understand why do people dream of perfection ?? Goody ally or something they call a perfect dreamy life. It's not always necessary that our life will end up in a harmonious accord. Sometimes a worse time will dawn upon you in such a way that you will end up questioning yourself  - Why me?????? Life is not theatrical , it's unpredictable. There's no perfect relationship. Your life will become more dark once you think it pellucid. So don't waste you laconic life calculating what wrong you have already done. But yeah , everyone is not Voldemort, Ramsay Bolton or Palpatine. But it doesn't take time for a person to become Bane or Scarecrow or Lex Luther. You are also no less. You don't require CDH13 to become evil. We are two  percent sadist. It depends on us how we nurture it. So instead of being judgemental let's be undogmatic. 

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