WOMEN:Symbol of Sacrifice

Oct 07 2018 2 min read

Aryan on entering the house,"Mom I am too hungry,Give me some food to eat."Aryan's mom replied that she told him to take some lunch with him to the college.Aryan told her not to irritate him and just bring him some food.It was not that Aryan's mom, Shikha did not felt bad but a mother's love did overpower her anger and so she kept on making food for his son.When she entered his room with the food she noticed that Aryan had already slept.She thought that he should not sleep without having some food so she waked him up.Aryan shouted  on his mom very badly and asked her that why did she wake him up.He told her to use her brain sometimes....Suddenly the door bell rang and her daughter, Saumya came home from school. Shikha asked her that how was her day at school. Saumya threw her bag away and said that her paper was not good. Shikha replied that there is always a second chance and she can do well in the next paper. Saumya shouted and told her mother to go away as she didn't knew anything about the examinations.In the evening when Shikha's husband came home from o

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i loved it most as it shows moher patience. woman bears all with smiles hence she deserves to respec
Mother's love is Ultimate, everything will be less than mother.. No exams and nothing important..
Quite interesting and learned new vacabulary