Why Is Bird Feces White?

Oct 03 2019 1 min read

Bird feces is white because birds don't urinate; instead, they excrete a white paste that mixes with other waste. Birds have been immortalized for centuries in poetry and song, but their beauty and grace can't always conceal one less-than-lovely aspect of their existence: their defecation. That white, sticky mess that falls from above, covering our cars and houses and sometimes our heads is particularly troublesome because it seems almost impossible to remove. But blame nature, not the birds. Unlike mammals, which get rid of solid and liquid wastes through different orifices, birds have only a cloaca, a cavity that lies at the end of their digestive tract and is responsible for the excretion of all waste. So, because birds can't get rid of  nitrogenous waste the way mammals do, they have to combine it with their feces and let it fall where it may. For what it's worth, the white part of the gooey discharge is the uric acid, and the dark part is the feces.

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