Where shall be your next home?

By Shriti Malakar
Jul 04 2019 2 min read

  To the life that we live…..   You spend half of the life making yourself worthy of a living and the other half earning from the worth created so far. So when did you actually live is the question?   The times that we spend from birth to standing being on our own and setting goals smaller or bigger realizing we need some purpose of the life gifted is what we live by. But the fact lies that most of the “Life” we live is lost and unnoticed in smaller momemts that we spend with our loved ones. Reality only tends to strike when we take everything and everyone caring for us to be granted. In making a living what have we actually ended with life??? With aging we now fall prey to where has our deeds led us to…HEAVEN OR HELL!!!!     Lets be honest , how many dead people have you met so far to decide on where you have booked your seat? None….ironically. So here lies the sweet fact of where actually you should be. Here. right here where you always have been and not be swinging between  where I was and where will I be. W

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