When you left

By Talha Ansari
Oct 07 2019 1 min read

When you left, I became a shell of myself. Well, that's not exactly true, More like I returned to who I was before you, Wait that's not true either Because there was no me before you Not really I was angry, sure violent, absolutely.  But it wasn't aimed in particular direction  And no one was the focal, though i have been rude to everyone I hated myself, but for no particular reason. When you decided to go, I became something akin to a rabid dog, or porcupine; Wandering about snapping at everyone, licking my wounds; Unbothered by anyone because my barbs kept them at bay,  anyone daring to venture too close would get hurt and I was alright with that. And it took a bit to pull myself up from my fetal position  To wipe away my tears. I wouldn't even go so far as to say I'm standing on my own two feet. But I have managed to sit up and my eyes are still puffy, red and clear that I've been crying. But I'm working through it. ~thoughtonnotes.

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