When im alone

By Bhanu Swetha
Nov 21 2019 2 min read

When im alone in home...I have so many feelings that something is going to happen to me.. I was soo scared of something that will harm me..but as a real nothing will happen...every person should be alone ..if we be alone we will get so many thinking's that will helpful to us..we will get better ideas for reaching high ... Don't go for dark side like me...always I will unsecured ..as someone will come and attack or do something...I will go soo blindly  I wish everyone should for better thinking.. Darkside in the sense for example....if I'm alone ...someone will knock the door and ask me some drinking water if I go inside to give water to them... Then they suddenly look into surrounding areas that no one are observing then they will enter inside the home without my notice they will give inject to get coma...they will search for money and then they will escape from the spot.... This is the story behind of darkside I think because of this current generation... Wherever I see the news like this situation s are going on....we don't have security in our country .

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