What your parents don't teach you.

By ಎಸ್ ಮಂಜು
Dec 01 2019 1 min read

To all those people who are single, waiting to get into their first relationship, find their ones, girlfriend or boy, Good news, don't worry I have seen your future, to all the boys you will encounter your girlfriend soon and to all the girls you have that boy behind you taunting, seeking for your attention, to express himself.  Love, it is only thing that film industry makes good money,  showing you same songs and movies. Sorry that bit hard. Love,  it is the only thing,  that makes people matured enough to think and get your life going. It is beautiful, no doubt.  Once, you encounter, don't break your head to find it or examine if it is the one, it is either lesson or fruit. Go with the flow, when god feels it is not suitable takes it away, cry and forget it, since love can happen more than once and it is love. Your parents will not tell you what is love and it would happen more than once. For few people this might sound odd,  for few it it true.  In order to get matured emotions and right direction towards your goal, you need to exper

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