What is happiness?

By Punerjot Singh
Jan 13 2020 2 min read

What is Happiness? Once a businessman, while walking along a beach, saw a fisherman lying down with his net next to him. He was very happy and relaxed and was humming a song. The businessman wondered how the fisherman could be so happy. He approached the fisherman and had a conversation with him. Businessman: Haven’t you gone fishing today? Fisherman: Oh, yes! I went fishing today, had a good catch and sold it too. After finishing all that, I am relaxing. Businessman: Then why don’t you catch some more fish? Fisherman: Why should I fish more? What is the use? Businessman: Well, you will get more money.  Fisherman: What would I do with that? Businessman: You can buy a boat yourself and get more fish. Fisherman: And then? Businessman:  You will get more money and you can have a big house of your own. Fisherman: Then what? Businessman: You can have a TV, a refrigerator, a car, etc., by expanding your business. Fisherman: What after that? Businessman: You can live happily! Fisherman: Is it so? Then, what am I doing now? Am I not happy now? Do you mean

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