What does a long distance relationship feel like?

By Shivam Dixit
Feb 05 2019 3 min read

Indescribable.Some days are fine. You just do all the regular stuff - go to college, work, catch up with friends, roam around and work out and face wash to look cleansed when you finally meet her again on Skype or WhatsApp videocall.But there are terrible days too. Days when you don't feel like talking. Days when you just sad because of the argument in the afternoon. Days when you're just helpless to be not around your partner. Days when you want to make her feel loved and you're unable to do so. Days when you don’t want to get out of bed because of the chilled weather outside. Days when you're only for embracing your pain and loneliness. Days when you seriously question your decision, “Why am I doing this, should I go to her?”You go from moments of tremendous joy together to hopelessly depressing thoughts and arguments on nights.I’m not sure how many more times my heart can be torn apart until it finally breaks!There will be a lot of tough choices to make.How do we see our future together? Should I leave everything and move to you? Is it worth it? Who will come and visit? Wh

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