We love you 3000 ❤

By Naveen Bhatt
Aug 21 2019 1 min read

Now today i am talking about a man, who just is a common man but he is not common like other man...... Yes i will introduce him in his style, he is a playboy, genius, billionaire, philanthropist. i am talking about iron man....... you can hate him or love him but you can't ignore him. "You start with something pure, something exciting then starts mistakes and then you have to compromises, we create our own demons"  we love you 3000 ❤ how can you ignore him, when no superhero stands in front of thanos then, there is only Iron man who bleeds thanos..... when captain says" you only fight for yourself, you can never take bullets on your chest for others, but he kills himself just for others. If a KING, a GOD, A CAPTAIN , and all other strongest heroes kneel down for just a common man then you can imagine how important he is... . We love you 3000 ❤ " his armors never a distraction or a hobby for himself, its just a cocoon and part of life. you can take away his tricks, toys, house but you can't change a thin

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This is all about how Tony stark one of the leadingmarvel sites for the cause and saved the humanity
Legend never dies ❤