We live in simulation ?

By J Patil
May 29 2020 1 min read

We are in simulation ?First of all if you don't know this is very wide spread discussion and many people argued about it since Years and it's kind exciting as well as terrifying to think about it,Let's start why some people think that this maybe simulation and I am not talking about stupid people here it's scientist and high tech people, If you have noticed in games we are already achieved stage where you can't decide you are in game of in real world and in maybe few years this gap will be erased completely,So why not think that some high intelligence beings just made this simulation and we are just part very big game ?It is possible that this is simulation, I thought lot about it and I also noticed somethings like when I first knew that cosmos is expanding faster than speed of light, so maybe its just game loading....And some rules like limit of speed, we can't go beyond speed if light,There are many things that makes me think yaah maybe we are in simulation,Does it matters ?We are in simulation or not does it matter ? Because one thing is sure we are alive and for me it really does

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