Was it a dream

By Arnav Mishra
Feb 24 2020 2 min read

"Was it a dream? It was 1:00 am yesterday night when someone began banging on the road. I could hear it and was awaken due to it, but everyone else in my house slept, I wondered if I was the only one who could hear it, I didn't wanted to get of my bed, but the banging grew louder and louder every second, I couldn't resist the temptation to see who was it and left the bed and went to the door to check out.  I opened the door just to find out there's no one out there. Then I noticed that there was a shadow moving up the stairs. I decided to follow it. I put on my slippers and began chasing the shadow. I was chasing it, my building had only four floors and I lived on the top floor, but the stairs I was chasing it on, seemed to be endless. Finally I reached the terrace and the alien, or whatever it was, was standing at the door, and a large spherical object was floating mid air and its door was open. The alien asked me to get it. I wasn't supposed to understand whatever he said, However I could understand every word he said. I hesitated, but then got in, behind

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