By Deepti Khanna
Nov 13 2019 3 min read

  Dumb child among seven lives , always neglected by all , in a big joint family of fifteen lives. A girl who was  a bit slow among the seven kids on the family floor. Soft as petal , quiet as night , her locks were as long as her smile. But then also she was called the UGLY DUCKLING among the seven smiles. Her name was MUSKAN.            MUSKAN loved playing around .As she was slow , she was always left behind by her pals. In the school, where all brilliant kids ruled. Her teachers ,always looked down upon her, as she scored low. Lonely as she moved in playground, her eyes caught hold of board under the shade of trees , which seemed calling her name twice.                 She moved slowly near the board , as no one was around ,she looked upon the board which was lying on dusty ground. Muskan face lit with  a rosy glow , which lit her hollow eyes with happy flow. IT was a game of WANDER THIRST which she had desired for a long time. But thei

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