By Sumanth Naidu
Feb 12 2021 1 min read

Vasumathi, brave women. Was now in. A hospital in an unconscious stage. Doctors are rushing into her room .police officers have surrounded whole hospitals. Hospital Management begin to admit only emergency cases. Reports trying to sneek in . Millions of questions arised. What did vasumathi do. I had went to one of the police officers and asked what happened. "She was being raped by few bastards," Then she took and knife by which they kidnapped her..and had cut their penis. All of them are in icu now. "Why are you providing medication to the criminals" I asked him. "I want to kill those bastards and feed them to dogs" But I couldn't. He replied. After few minutes,I came to vasumathi had passed away. She was raped by three men. She came here bleeding, her utirus was affected.  She did a brave job. I need to do something. So I went to icu,stabbed them in the dick and killed them. This is what they deserve. Hanging or killing them is not a solution, educating kid from childhood. Protect women,save life.

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