Vampire series part 8

By Firi Writes
Oct 09 2020 2 min read

Part 8 In the middle of the night and dawn, mia woke up having a scary dream of vampires trying to kill her.In horror She shouted and ran out the room.In the corridor she bumped into alex and started crying with fear.He hugged her.She finally realized it was a mere dream but in reality she was being held in alex arms.She felt something inside and kept hugging him more tightly.Alex saw mia straight in the eyes.Her fear now turned into excitement.They both needed each other.They wanted to kiss.Alex got hold of mia's face and passionately started kissing.Mia wasnt opposing at all.Everything went smooth intially but then alex lost his control.Mia could feel some strange wildness of  an animal inside him.He was so powerful that mia couldnt resist.She tried to stop him but felt his fangs coming out from mouth.Omg!!Mia was trying to save herself from vampires with the help of a vampire who was about to bit her any moment.Alex was breathing heavily at mia's neck but then he came to his senses.He moved away from mia and asked her to go back to her room.Mia was too shoc

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