Vampire series part 7

By Firi Writes
Oct 09 2020 2 min read

Part 7 After thinking deeply Mia was left with no other option and agreed to go with alex.Truly she was really worried for chelsa and other room mates.Alex had informed chelsa in advance that mia has to leave the hostel for some time because they both will be working together on a specific project.Mia said goodbye to her bestie and went along with alex.He told mia his house was in the outskirts and it would take a long time to reach there so she could a nap in the car.Mia had been weak lately.She hadnt fully recovered so she closed her eyes and slept.Alex continued to drive carefully as not to wake up mia.Somehow the vampire couple saw alex's car in the city.Without getting noticed they tried to follow them.Finally alex and mia stopped at a quite decent place.The house was well built surrounded by a huge boundary.Alex touched mia's cheek while waking her up.This was the first time mia felt his touch.She got up at once.Her eyes were admiring the lovely house restoring its antique architecture with the modern touch.At this time alex sensed they were being watched.He immediatel

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