By Sandeep Sandy
Feb 10 2021 1 min read

           VALUE  CAN U defien what is value..? Well, it has different meanings and variations. I just expalinm with examples.  One thing we have to remember that "we know the value of something , when we loss it" yes, it's states like that. We don't know the value of something unless untill we loss it.  it operates to many youngsters. Time is value,loveis value, time is value, relations are many things there is some value .  mainly we enjoy daily ,we want to find happiness. In that circle we generally waste time . We don't know. Yes , we have to find happiness which last long not only for sone time or days. When we grew up we think "oh god!  I have waste my time where I suppose to read , then we know the value of time. parents ,,, love parents until they alive beaz generally we the teenagers not passionate to love beaz they oppose many things like not to roam outside ,not use mobile in this matter we generally hate but ,they says for our good. Thus, we have to love parent

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