Wish for more

By Dinesh Jain
Dec 02 2019 1 min read

What a Majestic high Mountain! Great heights (prestige) it maintains. With such varied tressures buried under, Is still not satisfied, I wonder! It wants to touch the Sky from near, Thus is increasing in centimeters everyyear. Limitless wide Sky, Even the celestial bodies cannot cover, which forever fly. So richly decorated with twinkling stars, Is not satisfied, so far. Is running so fast, To touch the Sea which is so vast. Known for the Proud & Polite behaviour, this deep Sea, With all valuable gems & pearls at its knee. So many mysteries does it hide, It seems it is unsatisfied. Thats why making attempts to kiss the mountains, And grab more area to increase, what it already retains. When the whole of the Creation works so hard, How the Crown of Creation retard, Its true, Men has achieved a lot so far, But he still has to reach afar, Why do you say that Man is running behind Money, Its Nature's law that we should work till its sunny, So you, me and the rest; should not rest, As good is the worst enemy of best. Lets enter into a nouvel door, Always be content but wis

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