By Aditya Nath
Jun 26 2019 3 min read

You didn’t Come This Far to only Come This FarI was born on a cold winter night, when even time seemed to stand still, in my native Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan. I do not remember much of my early childhood, but my mom said that I was a very active, curious, and communicative child. I would ask dozens of questions each minute, even without waiting for the answers. I suppose this is why my parents offered me books and educational movies as early as my third birthday, which I was told later.My father is a very determined, motivated person who loves his work. He is also quite strict about discipline and rules. From a young age, he would teach me proper behavior and manners, how to conduct yourself around other people, and proper table manners. He is also passionate about cars. My father’s side of the family is originally from Rajasthan but has been residing in Bihar, for over three generations.Ever since childhood, I have always been the shy, quiet kid, though now, I’m more of quiet and less shy. I realized speaking a lot feels like I lost a lot of my energy. I think I observe more and sp

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