Unbreakable : Chapter 4

By Yash Mhatre
Aug 10 2020 7 min read

Trevor followed Becker with all caution. Even though he agreed to do as Becker said, we still had soo many questions and Becker's testimony seems a bit of deceitful to him. He didn't really believed everything what Beacker said. Although he didn't had much of an option but to believe.  Becker took Spectre through a room and then in front of a safe. Huge Safe. It's door was itself 8 foot tall, 3 foot wide and more than half a foot thick. Spectre watched with bewilderment with the surrounding and not identifying anything. His mind running, "How can I live her for two years and not even identify a thing ?" His mind gave up. Becker first inserted a key, then rotated the code, then he tried rotating the key. The door made a click. Then he rotated the circular handle and pulled the door. What spectre saw was definitely not what he expected. Empty Safe.  "Thats good.! What now ?" "Step In." "What ? " "Step inside the Vault." "NO WAY" "Trust Me." "There is No way I am going in this thing.&qu

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