Unbreakable : Chapter 3

By Yash Mhatre
Aug 07 2020 5 min read

Trevor Specter got kidnapped twice. If anything more tragic could happen in his life right now then it would be an alien invasion. Unfortunately, there is something tragic going on in his life but it's not an alien invasion. He was lying on the bed, feeling uneasy, pain striking his head. His conscious was coming back. He was trying to open his eyes. There was a nurse sitting beside him on a chair. She saw him waking up and went to call the doctor. The doctor came and examined Specter. Specter asked, " What am I doing here? How did I end up in a hospital?"  The doctor kept on examining and said, "No questions Mr. Specter. You are not strong enough to hear it today, maybe I will tell you after a few days. Just remember you are in good hands and you are gonna be alright.!". Specter tried thinking. How did I get here? How brought me here? Just then his head starting bursting. His hands clutched his head and then he realized. His one hand was missing!. " WHAT THE FUCK! WHERE IS MY HAND?"  "You were brought here like this." "What

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