Unbreakable : Chapter 2

By Yash Mhatre
Aug 05 2020 4 min read

"WHAT THE HELL is happening ?" I was thinking with my eyes closed so that no one will disturb me. I looked calm and serene from outside while sleeping but in my head, there was a war of thoughts.!  If they wanted me dead, why didn't they killed me? Who was that military personnel and Why was he sneaking up on me? A million such questions hit my head. But my concern was with, What could I have possibly done to get followed up by military?  My memory gave me no answers. The man behind the door, walked away keeping only a few feet distance from the door. He removed a radio from his waist and placed it in front of his mouth. A static buzzer and then, "Agent Becker reporting."  A voice came from radio, "Agent Becker this is Susan Fletcher, Assistant to Commander Sinskey. What's the victim's status report ?" "The victim is unconscious. Permission to start the mission." "Permission Granted. A diversion will be caused within 5 minutes. It will be your signal. Follow the exact steps. No mistakes. I repeat, NO mistakes.

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