Unbreakable : Chapter 1

By Yash Mhatre
Aug 03 2020 4 min read

The footsteps following me sounded closer. I ran through the empty corridors of the hospital, my heart pounding with terror.  I turned a corner and stopped short. I had reached a dead end. They caught me. There is no way I can take down 5 army members alone only with one hand, perhaps a gun could.! I started looking for a gun hanged to any one army man's waist. Two had aimed their gun on me, one had kept his hand on a gun, ready to take it out, one was clearing the crowd behind the corridor and one in front took out the radio. The static buzzer sound was as loud as the corridor was cleared by the army man, and was returning to his position. Finally, an authoritative female voice came over from radio, "It's time to surrender.!" Suddenly I felt something hit my head. The voice continued, "There is no way to go. Give us the key. Millions of people's lives are at stake." I couldn't make anything from it. Surrender? Key? I looked at them as a kid watching his dad working something with high tech. Bewildered. I was about to utter, what's happe

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