Two Days

By Ananya Mittal
Feb 10 2019 1 min read

It's been two days since you left.Two days, since I genuinely smiled. Two days, and not a single minute has passed,When I haven't thought about your eyes, Your voice and our talks. Two days, a short time, isn't it? Oh how I wonder, These two days feel like two decades. It's been two days since I last dreamt, Since I last believed in dreams. Two days, since I slept peacefully. Two days, and I miss you so much, Like a caffeine addict craves coffee. Two days, and I still remember how my eyes grew wideAnd I giggled whenever I saw you,I remember how sometimes, I'd just look at you and feel those butterflies. I still feel them, I still do. It's been two days, since you left. Two days, since I let you go. -Ananya

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