By Mudhan Shabir
Oct 31 2020 1 min read

"Tunnel in the space leads us back in time." As soon as she heard it she decided to go back in the past and bring her mother to the present.Not so simple is it.To be a winner you have to lose someone,so did tunnel, Asked for a sacrifice.I must say,a tough time,she had only one life to sacrifice; her daughter.Thinking on practical lines , she sacrificed her daughter with a thought of giving birth to other one someday.She entered the tunnel and time started reversing,stopped at a point where she held the hand of her mother and hugged her.She had just started to walk hand in hand with with her mother,she heard a voice"Time is over."Everything around her turned to ashses.She landed in present, defeated and alone.She was left with the body of her daughter and the ashes of her mother.She tried to build the past while destroying her present.

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