By Vaishak E bhandary
Oct 16 2018 3 min read

 VebEverything about ongoing trends and news and more....SUBSCRIBEEvery tuluvas should know. August 25, 2018Tulu is a beautiful language with all capability of including in 8th schedule of constitution. It has rich oral tradition, written literature, cultural significance and also one of the oldest dravidian language yet government failed to recognise it.M.Ps and M.L.As of the Tulunadu region have never shown interest in rising these issues at parliaments. Even if some one rises the issue no one supported. It is the bad fate that people of Tulunadu still support such politicians who did nothing to their mother tongue.Recently Rajya sabha M.P B K Hariprasad moved a private member bill for the ammendment to the constitution to include Tulu and Kodava to 8th schedule of constitution. Oscar Fernandes and Basavraj Patil too supported this cause. Irony is none of these M.Ps have Tulu as their mother tongue!!Central government responded affirmatively to this bill and lets hope that Tulu will become official language soon by meeting all criteria.If all unite its easy for tuluvas .I

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