By Snow White
May 03 2020 2 min read

This is very nice thing to explore. Transhumanism” as the word explains itself is the transformation of humans. It is all about the evolution of humans from homosapiens to smart humans. It is to revolutionize the world through technological advancement. It does two things. Firstly it considers current trends to see how future technologies will develop and how they might affect us and how current technology can bring about beneficial societal changes. It is closely related to artificial intelligence which can change humans in all imaginative aspects from this idea. This replication of single humans many times by copying the sequences of the brain on a hard drive and transferring data which may help in increasing smart brains. By this one can choose the emotions one wants in mind that enables people to come out from depression and reduces stress. Society is day by day depreciating humanity so this transformation is really important before it becomes extinct. This is done by transferring and deleting the emotions one wishes. This idea can slow down, stop or even reverse the agin

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