Tomorrow's world

By Sumanth Naidu
Mar 06 2021 1 min read

In the headquarters of world health organization, scientist George and his team were infected by a new strain of virus on which they are working on. World health organization has declared emergency. It is rapidly increasing its number. Causes failure of various vesiral organs. Thsi virus was found in a tribe of Nigeria.its origin was unknown. World health organization has been quarentined to prevent its spreading. FBI has appointed a officer named steave to investigate the origin. Steave has been totally into the case. He went to tribal area of Nigeria. He wore protective gear began to investigate about origin of virus. He stayed in the tribe. Within few days world health organization has declared that the new strain of virus is man made strain of existing is genetically engineered and synthesized in artificial medium before deploying into the people . This made Steve much curious. He saw a man holding a gun..he tried to assassinate him. But he some how escaped. The murderer had left his gun. Steve tried to track him down by its services no. Later he has bee

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