To the young generation out there.

By ಎಸ್ ಮಂಜು
Dec 01 2019 2 min read

To all those young people thinking about what you want be, not everyone can be good at driving car, As grew up, I was told Engineering and MBBS are only better careers, just like people buy jeans and feel they look better wearing it. You need to focus on the area where there are few people taking it,  since it gives you lot of exposure and better career path, Also success. As a teenager I spent lot of years figuring out, It's good thing if you follow the hints given by your dad,  since he knows what suits you and easier in this social world, just like a tailor knows which dress fits you best.  Elder people keep saying the life is harder, you would not realise and experience until a certain age(25 was mine), life gets tighter and you are at saturation.  About your career,  here is a tip,  try get on with what comes to your plate, it is a small or big stake,  know how it is done good, it will pay you off. World is tuff, not because of your dreams are far,  but you need to deal with people, smile it is Okay.  Focus on your health, by

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