By Sumanth Naidu
Oct 31 2020 2 min read

TIME TRAVELL -3    Now pream chand was taken to king tutunkamund. Thegreat Ferro of Egypt. Luckily pream chand has degree in linguistics.he speaks Egyptian. The men who have captured Preamchand said that they have seen this man comming from the portal,so they brought him to the king. King tutunkamund thought that he was actually a messanger sent from their god. Preamchand understood what was happening and acted Really like a messanger. warned  them that he was sent from the god to protect them from the demons. Tutunkamund had bowed to him and begged to save their people. Preamchand said that it was his job to do so. He enjoyed rich Egyptian meal along with the king.and began to rest in a kingsize large bed. Later he remembered that people from 2040 will travell back to Egyptian period and loot them and lead to their downfall. Now he went to king and said "I'm am the only messanger sent from god.in a few days devil's will act like messangers sent from god and they will kill your people. Tutunkamund now got ready to confront the demons, here demons

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