Time travel -2

By Sumanth Naidu
Oct 30 2020 2 min read

Tjme travell -2   Premchand from the future sprinkled water on the fore head of Premchand of present. Dr. Preamcahnd woke up. "Is this a bad dream or I have gone mad?" He asked to his future version. Of him. "It's not a dream mate, I'm from 2040 man.".said future pream chand. "2040? Why did you come here, what is my future?" Preamchand of present asked. "We have no time for it,you are the first time traveller, you made it work,you willl be a first trillionaire of the World. " Said the future preamchand. Preamchand of present  felt very happy. "But don't do it, don't go back! After you make money, you will sell it to government,they will miss use it leads to end of the world. They will bring back extinct animals!" Said Preamchand of future . "But why?"- pream chand of present "Do you know how Egypt civilization ended?" Future one questioned him. " Because of plagues, diseases,war, flood of Nile river" pream chand answered. " No...! Not at all  they have miss u

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