Thress things cannot kept hidden

By Shubham Kadam
Nov 07 2019 1 min read

This title is question to the answer the sun the moon and the truth . This whole is a quote said by monks "three things cannot kept hidden the sun the moon and the truth but the sun can kept hidden for sometime until the moons comes up and the moon also can kept hidden for sometime but the truth is something which cannot kept hidden it always lives with you until you confess it or said it to someone but this quote help me to calm my self to focus which I used as a mantra and I saw this quote is also use As a calming mantra in the MTV hit show TEEN WOLF which is the best show I saw on fantasy it's is used on the werewolf Liam to calm him on full moon night but I found it accidently that if you can turn off your physical senses then you might able to conquer the hidden truth of our abnormal bodies it helps you to focus on your mind and if you try then maybe you can able to hear the things people don't normaly can hear I just want to spread this quote by my way so I just wrote here and I hope that this quote will help you to calm your thoughtfull mind 

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