By Kushal Samant
Nov 04 2019 1 min read

Things I do. Architecture, Art, Banking, Blogging, Bookmaking, Bookwriting, Clothing, Curation, Film making, Furniture, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Marketing Research, Photography, Songwriting, Startups, Vocals, Web design, and WikiHouses. Things I don't want her to be. afraid of taking risks, into cocaine and drugs, consumerist, living by default, not an empath, not a minimalist, not a reader, promoter of fake feminism, and quitter. Things I like doing in my free time. I love chilling alone in a quaint cafes, cooking dinners, eating 2 cheese burst chicken pizzas all by myself, going out for long walks, lazing on a cozy bed, listening to music, live music at house parties, meeting people, posting my google photos to instagram, and reliving memories, sitting in the window seats of trains just for fun, writing my thoughts down, and sex. Things that have happened to me. I have been boycotted, spat on, stoned, ambushed, assaulted, stabbed with a pointed object, raped, catfished, and ostracized. Not been shot yet. That's the mean side of things. But I have also been carried ba

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