The unusualistics

By Alice Kino
Nov 23 2019 23 min read

a:1:{i:0;s:53883:"a:2:{i:0;s:51099:"hello I'm lianora night's not much about me to talk about.but I thought I'd share this with you just thinking that some of my burdens which burns my soul will be released....this is my first time writing about myself in a journal....sorry for my awkwardness but you don't know anything on what I have been through ....and you'll feel it too when you start reading this .....first my mom and dad dad is an engineer and my mom is a doctor .....they have always been egoistic with each other.... there's no love or anything except they only like to fight all the had totally hidden the fact of the birth charts which on reading both their charts before marriage said "no good". He was like I won't be married if I let go of this alliance .....and my mom is 7 times younger than my elder brother is now a dental student ...he won't talk .....I mean he can but he'd prefer not to he's not mute or anything he's so much to himself and he had his own problems or I find it h

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