The Unknown Recurring

By Souporno Ghosh
Jun 20 2019 12 min read

Episode 1In that hullabaloo, a teenage girl, with short hair and fair skin tone, came running, brushing past everyone present and stooped down to assist the dead man. Tears rolled down her rosy cheeks. Her mascara was all smudged, her face swollen. I was puzzled. “What happened girl, why are you crying?” asked a lady present. “This dead man was my support and the only one whom I knew in this world,” replied the girl.Somewhere I felt really very bad for that poor soul. I took out my wallet and handed over all the money I had at that moment. At first she refused to accept it but then she accepted the amount hesitatingly. I thawed down and asked, “Sweetie, where and how will you live? This man was your support …”She cut me off and told, “I’ll manage. Let his property be donated to the orphanage as per his will,” strongly and loud enough to hear in that vociferous discussion of the crowd.I had to attend an important meeting and so I stood up to leave. While I was leaving along with few others, I saw a group of policemen​ and other officials spearing through the crow

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