The tragedy of 2001

By adi Cheeky
Nov 02 2019 2 min read

         the Tragedy of 2001.          The year was 2001, this was 17 years ago in coastal Bali. Gangon the farmer lived a little inwards on a small hill, where he grew rice and cotton.  He was suffering a big loss from his previous year's crop damage.  He was determined to earn a profit even more than ever, so he increased his cultivation area and bought better epquipments on loan. He finished the day's work and was gazing down the hill to look at the packed streets of the coastal town. He being on the mountain saw the entire life of people, the trees, the birds,the animals and he as tradition always looked upon the town after he was done with the work. That was  a normal day until he saw all the dogs and birds coming hillwards, then he saw the sea water move suddenly into lower tides and moving backwards. He was well aware of what this meant he knew that these were the signs of a underwater earthquake which could cause a tsunami and could be lethal fo thousands of people in the town. He then started sh

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