The Mistake

By Chinmay Sarvansh Sinha
Feb 16 2020 4 min read

THE Mistake (That haven’t been made) My name is Miles Morgan. I am a resident of Uganda. In my childhood we usually shifted from one place to another because my father’s job was to serve the nation i.e. he was an ARMY MAN . From the very beginning of  my life I had been trying to be strong and confident like my father, but see everybody is different and I admit that I am a Mamma’s boy and was never successful in being strong. This attribute of mine was added to me because of a strange incident which had left me with a mark which I still bear. I still remember that day when everything went bad. I got late for school , got very less marks in exams, my shirt torn out in front of everyone but the worst things happened when I went back to my home.   There I saw my parents fighting over something seeing me arrived they immediately Ordered me to go to my room . Then when it was 7 in evening  my parents called me to the drawing room and told me that they were going outside and will be back after 4 hours. They revealed me that there was something importa

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It was good but some mistakes in grammar
Great story and i think that you will go to great heights