The Methodist

By Tanusree Majumder
Feb 27 2019 1 min read

"I never asked for fame. Only thing that mattered to me was to bring out the passionate artist within me in front of this chaotic world. It soothes me, the madness of the act, the love of the audience, the admiration of the industry. I have nothing to complain for, except for the never ending loop of time that brings back the same question in front of me" How do you portray this role of villain so effortlessly? "Being the antagonist of the famous daily soap "The crime", it is a very basic question to be asked. But still..."I'm just a method actor" is all I sayIt generally follows with a soft chuckle or a compliment from the other side. Common people! Simple, basic, common people!They never believe me!I don't blame them though.Oh!The charming, handsome and ever-green me, it is really hard to think of such a humble philanthropist as a villain who goes around and kill people, massacre them for fun.Oh! You must be asking why am I sharing this with you ?Well, I tried to talk about it with my wife, but looking at her pale skin turning paler with the tone of my voice fails to excite me anym

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