The man who sold his moustache: subaya stories 3

Dec 01 2019 6 min read

One evening a young man got down at Sitapur station . It was Shanaya or subu the new head master of the village school, he was looking forward to this job . What a lovely place he told to himself.on reaching the school building , he opened the door of a classroom and all he saw were BULLS EVERYWHERE INSIDE THE ROOM! , he thought wether was he even in the right place? Then the next morning subu made enquires to a man . He said yes subu, what u saw was right you din't go crazy. The school rooms have been used as cow sheds for several years , soo then the children do their lessons out of doors? I've never heard of such a........OH! ITS RAINING GREAT!! And when subu turned back all the children vanished and he was like this ridiculous shimbatra i have to do something about this! . Subu i have been a master in this very same school for several years so take my advice and let things be as they are. Subu questioned Why!? BUT WHY!!?  These cows belong to a zamindar of our village. If anyone protests about the use these classes have been put to malludada is sent to handle th

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Subu had done a great job just for the sake of villagers and children he fought with Wrestler Mallu
Awesome story this is really really good story.Superb i love it