Felix and the fountain of infinity - INTRODUCTION 2

By Arnav Mishra
Jul 02 2020 2 min read

FELIX AND THE FOUNTAIN OF INFINITY, written by Arnav Mishra, takes you the journey of a miserable, lonely, bullied, and hated 12 year old child, Felix’s journey, who is the youngest member of his poor family, including his stepmom Alexandra, stepdad Jason, and his 15 year old bully stepbrother Harris. Felix always had a soft corner for science, physics, and new inventions and inventors in his heart, everything making his age child considered a nerd, and it was probably the only corner of his heart, because everything, and everyone else in the world he has known was no more than a bully, for whom he neither had any kind of anger, nor any hatred, probably because he knew that it won’t make any difference, the only person he ever met, that he was concerned was kind, was the old man he met at bus stop outside his old school in San Diego, who gave him that science book that had all about the great scientists, inventers and biggest used, and even mysterious inventions, and he had read it about a million times already, but doesn’t matter how many times he read it, he never

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