The Last Mutant

By Sandeep Bhatti
Aug 08 2019 1 min read

     Chapter-1.  Unsung Hero After the world war 3, Human genetics evolved. It result in making of new species, with powers, both physically and mentally superior being, power with one can reign over world. These new species, The Mutants, have ability to conquer everything. The fight between mankind and mutant took thousands of years and mutant dominated over world, until one day. The day when Dr. Campbell invented super tech, which can demutate mutants into Human. The government decided to commerce this project, ''Project X". To end the terror of mutant, 5 best intelligence from all world were selected. Dimiyan: the russian hacker, can hack every tech. The most beautiful, sexiest and cunning women, the baddass lady of southern bells: Ms. Laila. Sonya: She is sniperist. She never miss her target. Reed: most impressive in hand to hand battle. He knows 72 fighting styles and is as sharp as the Lion. And the unsung hero, Andy Strucker. He is the mutant who has psychic abilities and can control anyones mind but his power is hidden from everyone. He ge

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It was awesome. Just amazing piece of work by the writer loved it to be honest continue your work ma