The last Minute - a thought experiment

By Shemanshu Verma
Apr 15 2020 3 min read

What if all the clocks in the world have only 1 min left. The last minute.  What would you do? Well more than half of the people would waste their 20-30 seconds thinking what to do and rest of the time will be spent in the regret that they did nothing, the basics of being a human, nostalgia and regret or maybe you won’t even believe me and half of our time would be a one on one debate about the truth of this fact. Is it true ? Or not. Well if it is true than what exactly would you do when there are so many things left to do. Well now you’ll think about people you wanted to say thank you, love you, sorry etc etc. It’s always about someone, the people. When it didn’t mattered before this minute do you really think it would matter now, it’s the LAST minute. What about you, yourself. What do you want to do. I won’t say you should go for the big things. I don’t think they would be possible in a minute. What about the small things. Scream as hard as you can. Laugh openly without any fear, many people don’t do that often. Run as fast as y

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