The invaded world

By Neha Mohajer
Mar 14 2020 2 min read

PROLOGUE  Hello, huh! I guess that is not the way that you expected this book to start right? Well before I begin telling you the story I need to warn you, you are in for a surprise. We live in a land called Enrich, that is our world. I live in the city of Talajah, which is one of the most advanced cities in our world. We don't have countries, that concept was foreign to me until I met someone who would turn out to be my dearest of friends. So, our world consisted of only high IQ people, which is why, yours does not have many of those. Little did we know that we were in reality just test subjects waiting to be tested on. The government was trying to find and immortality potion and thought that the only people who could achieve that would be People with high IQ's. Well, let's say that their plan backfired but I won't go into details right now. My name is Dericha and I am 17 years old. I have two older brothers, Samrix and Dajjah. I have long black hair and brown eyes, many call me Indian looking.  ( Picture of Dericha) My nose has always been a very sen

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