The guwahati boy

By Aayushi Yadav
Oct 09 2019 1 min read

I was on a trip to guwahati with my family and we were visiting a temple build on an island surrounded my river. So we have to take ferry to reach there.  we were on that ferry when I saw him, he was cute wearing a mehroon kurta with innocent looks, he was around me age i guess. When we were deboarding from it he was standing just ahead of me. We had eye contact in the whole visit to the temple for a lot many times. I couldn't get courage to talk to him and because i was with my parents i couldn't ask.  After visiting the temple we were going back in the ferry, by chance my parents were standing a little far from me so while stepping down from the ferry (we were standing side by side) i asked his name, he asked mine while i was recalling his in my head. He asked me where i am from n what i am doing there and then his relatives called him so he has to go back.  I searched him in every social media platform i could but I didn't get any result.  Fortunately he was cought in some of my family pictures. 

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