The greatest daughter

By Vedha hrishitha Makani
Jun 08 2020 1 min read

There is a family ,      Husband and wife. They was very happy . After one year of marriage, the son was born to them. They was very happy . after one year daughter born . they were happy , but the father was not happy with his daughter. He don't show any love on his daughter. He only cares about his son . then the mother got angry and questioned the father . then father answers i dont like her . but her mother surported her alot . the girl want to become an actor, but her father doesn't support her . after some years son got married and went to America. He left his parent . and the daughter was doing job . and she also got married. The son decided to keep their parents in old age home . but the daughter didn't accepted. And she took care of her family and her husband family and her job . then father took the daughter near and said sorry for everything i have done in your life . daughter answered : no need to say sry dad . if your not like that with me at my small age today i cant be in this position i love you dad.  Moral : dont think girl child is w

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