The great Indian riders.

By Amit Umesh Watve
Jan 14 2020 1 min read

It is kind of funny & amusing seeing a person riding a bike with two people on the pillion. I mean, I just get fascinated by his driving skills & fearless attitude       God forbids, but if that rider is chewing Paan/Gutkha sort of thing then, he unbelievably 'regulates' his spitting on roads like regulating water from a tap and while doing that 'incredible' thing, he speaks on cell phone too. I must say that he has trained his subconscious in such a way that even while doing this 'multitasking' he doesn't lose his balance of the bike. And if any spoilsport & joy killer RTO leashes this 'mast Maula' rider then within no time he dials some 'magic' numbers from his cell phone and unleashes himself from that worthless 'law-abiding' RTO.     These riders head their destination like Roman soldiers heads towards the battlefield. Bravo folks! you are the face of a new revolution. keep it up..!

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