Grace : a fairytale

By Jill Fredericks
Jan 09 2020 4 min read

 Grace:the jungle fairy    It took them both a long time to judge  that the girl  was abnormal , though someone  would notice that she  was unhappy, and had sought to remedy her comfort  with freedom and more delightful things in life . They thought  she was evil ,  she had noticed first that someone was possessed —and she said as less to her abusive father  and mother who thought the same thing . They came from a very poor family and were in financial crisis.  They didn't had the courage to work since her father was a drunkard .The daughter of the house was 11 and during christmas as she went outside, a huge gaint who was her father told her that she couldn't go with those dirty clothes because all the kids would make fun of her family   She politely agreed and weeped in her bed for hours until she saw a fairy . The fairy asked her whether she was okay and she weeped and said no , the fairy asked her name , she said her name was Grace . The fairy said to her that h

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