The Ghost of dona Paula II

By Risal Salu
Sep 05 2020 2 min read

The port was overflowing with tourists. There were hundreds of them, waiting in long queues to board their boats. Yashasvi spotted several river cruises at the port, Paradise, Santa Monica, Coral Queen, and Princesa. Josh, however, walked further and further, passing by all these cruises and never stopping at one.  “Not really. It’s not a cruise actually,” he replied. “My friend, Lucas’ gig is on a Yacht. Just a five-minute walk from here.” “Oh, alright then,” she said. “But all those cruises also looked nice.” “Trust me,” he laughed. “You don’t want to be on any of ‘em. They’re all so crowded, brimming with locals and Indian tourists.” “I see, so you don’t like Indian tourists, do you?” “It’s not like I don’t like ‘em,” he was quick with the reply. In fact, it’s my job to train these Indian tourists, who come to experience Flyboarding in North Goa. I just don’t like the way they celebrate or party. I mean I don&rs

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